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The Complete Moon Guide: How to Utilize the Moon’s Energy to Influence your Life

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Since ancient times, the moon has been a powerful and meaningful force in human lives. Over the centuries, it has come to represent cycles of life, death, birth, and reincarnation. It also affects the feminine energies of wisdom, intuition, and spirituality.

Opening yourself up to flowing with the phases of the moon can help you connect with nature, grow in your spirituality and attune yourself to the feminine energies of your intuition and emotions.

Our moon guide will help you understand how the moon’s energies can impact you, as well as how you can harness them to benefit your life.

The Significance of the Magical Moon’s Tidal Influence

Whether we are aware of it or not, the moon has a powerful effect on us. The same way that we are subject to all sorts of cyclical rhythms. Such as those of the seasons and the night and day, lunar ebb and flow can – and do – also have an impact on us.

One such way the moon affects us is through the tides, the Earth’s waters, which the moon’s gravitational pull creates. The moon’s energy creates tidal force, causing the Earth and its water to bulge out. This creates high tides on the region of the Earth closest to the moon and low tides on the opposite side. Similarly, the moon’s cycles pull on our selves, bringing our emotions to the surface and impacting how we feel.

The Moon’s Feminine Power

The moon is also known to have an impact on fertility, menstruation, and hormones. These are forces that all have a tremendous influence on our moods, sleep cycles, and disposition. As the bright moon illuminates the night sky, or the new moon leaves us in darkness, we are changed again and again.

A full lunar cycle lasts from one new moon to the next and takes 28 days. This is identical to a woman’s average menstrual cycle, which is also 28 days long. One study demonstrated that synchronicity exists between menstrual and lunar cycles. The study involved 826 women with a normal menstrual cycle, with participants aged 16–25. 28.3% of the women menstruated during the new moon, while conversely, the rate of menstruation on other days was much lower, ranging between 8.5–12.6%.

The Moon’s Phases and Their Meanings

A key part to building a connection with the moon is understanding her phases, as each represents something different. Depending on what you’re seeking and where the moon is in her cycle, you can call upon different energies to activate the moon’s powers. Here is our moon guide to the different phases of the lunar body.

The New Moon – Renewal

As you’d expect with a new moon entering its next 28-day cycle, the energy showered upon us is about renewal and rebirth. This creates a blank canvas upon which you can project your wishes, dreams and desires, casting their vibrational frequencies out into the universe. Now is the time to live consciously and be mindful of what you seek to introduce into your life. Write down, talk about, use affirmations and meditate on your goals to manifest them into being.

The Waxing Moon – Action

As the new lunar month is under way, the waxing moon (when it’s shaped like a D) is the best time to get new projects started. It’s now you should be taking steps to make those dreams a reality.

The Full Moon – Release

During the full moon, the entire bright side of the moon is facing Earth. Its dazzling light helps to illuminate everything in our lives. And in turn, encourages to shine a light on what isn’t serving our greater good. As such, the full moon is the best time to release what’s holding us back. Whether a relationship, a job or even thought patterns that simply aren’t working anymore.

Now is when you should consider a purge of all the negative aspects within your life, embracing a positive transformation.

The Waning Moon – Overcome

As the full moon retreats into a C shape, the waning moon phase is all about overcome obstacles and getting that purge underway. During this period our bodies experience an elimination process so now is a good time to detox and put your health front and centre.

Our moon guide now explains moon rituals you can use to to harness the magical power of her energy shifts during each of the phases.

Moon Rituals

Now that you understand more about the moon’s cycles, you’re ready to learn about how you can harness them to influence your life. Tuning into nature by taking symbolic action to set intentions, activate the moon’s powers, and listen to your intuition will allow you to deepen your connection with yourself and the universe to heal and grow.

While you can do rituals for any part of the moon’s cycles, the moon’s influence is at its most powerful when it is new or full, making those very fitting phases to engage in moon rituals.

New Moon Rituals

Symbolizing new starts and fresh beginnings, the new moon is a perfect time to reflect internally, set goals, and manifest a new intention.

Try starting by preparing a sacred space, someplace you can be comfortable and focused. It is ideal if you can see the moon from here, so a backyard, balcony, or close to a window are great options. Bring in items to your sacred space that collect and harness your energy, like incense, candles, crystals, or a singing bowl. If there is anything symbolic that ties to your goals and intentions, you may also want to bring it to your ritual. Anything that represents your desire – figurines, jewelry, plants, cards, photographs – will do.

Once you’re in your sacred space, spend some time reflecting on your life and desires. You can try journaling, meditating, visualizing, or free-associating to help you ruminate. Think about what your goals are. What new energy do you want to bring into your life this moon cycle? What intentions do you have for the weeks to come?

Depending on your intention, there are many options for ritual action. Arranging objects in a symbolic order, chanting a mantra, dancing in the moonlight, writing down your intentions and burning them in the flame of a candle, and saying a prayer are all potential actions you can take. Choose the one that will best suit you and your wishes. At the end, close your new moon ritual by saying a closing word or phrase such as “so it will be,” ringing a bell, blowing out your candle, or whatever you see fit.

Full Moon Rituals

In contrast to the new moon, the full moon is a time for release, culmination, fruition, and action. Full moon rituals are best when they focus on evaluating, assessing, cleansing, and recharging.

For your full moon ritual, you are welcome to use the same sacred space as you created for the new moon, potentially thinking about bringing in objects that are specifically suited for the full moon energy of culmination and completion.

Start by reflecting on the weeks that have passed. Were you successful in meeting your intention? Did anything happen that surprised you? How have you been feeling?

Think about what you’d like to release and what you want to bring with you into the next moon cycle. Which energies have served you and which can you do without?

Ritual actions that you can take include burning an object or written-down notes representing something you’d like to leave behind with the old moon cycle, engaging in mindful and intentional movement focused on release, and cleansing your mental and physical habitat.

Whatever you choose to do, it is important to follow your intuition, honor your own emotions, and serve your own spiritual needs and practice. Think of the moon as your mother or friend, supporting you as you connect with your body’s wisdom and grow within yourself.

How to Overcome Moon Sensitivity

While all of us are influenced by the moon’s cycles, some are more impacted by it than others. Those with moon sensitivity may even experience negative symptoms when the moon’s powers are at their strongest, such as during the full moon.

If you are moon sensitive, you may experience any of the following in connection with the moon’s phases.:

  • Excitement, antsiness, and difficulty sleeping around the full moon
  • Exhaustion and grogginess during the new moon
  • Uncontrollable emotions around the time of an eclipse
  • Inspiration or even scatterbrainedness tied to a new moon
  • Monthly changes in goals and desires
Keeping a moon journal in which you track both the moon’s phases and your sleep, emotions, and experiences can help you determine if you might be moon sensitive and exactly how the moon impacts you as it waxes and wanes.

To help overcome moon sensitivity if you do have it, one of the most important things is being aware and intentional. You may have to shift your schedule to accommodate your moon sensitivity, keeping your work schedule light and increasing self-care practices on difficult days and planning to be more active and productive on the days that the moon is imbuing you with more energy.

Eventually, you will be able to find a cyclical routine that works for you, helping you balance your energies with those of the moon in order to minimize negative symptoms and flow with the tides as optimally as possible. Having a strong practice of self-nurturing, relaxation, reflection, and meditation will help you get through phases of the moon that are impacting you particularly strongly. You’ll have to understand, plan around, and work through your natural rhythms, knowing that your experience is valid and not unusual.

Ultimately, being aware of the moon and her energies will positively impact your life whether or not you are extra sensitive to them. As you honor the moon, you connect with the universe and yourself, aligning with the rhythms of the world around you to heal and grow as best as you can.

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