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10 Transformational Reasons to go on Yoga Retreat

Revitalizing mind, body and spirit are some the best reasons to go on yoga retreatTaking time out from the realities of life is pertinent to your personal growth and hitting the pause button to take stock of things offers many alluring benefits.


Our default trajectory doesn’t always lead us in the right direction. It’s important to check-in and correct its course at times. Doing so in a beautiful new place, surrounded by like-minded people, gives you a sense of safety. It helps you feel accepted, creative, and free to explore without judgement. You should always welcome opportunities to self evaluate in the company of friends and experts; this is exactly what a retreat does. Discover these ten transformational reasons to go on yoga retreat and embrace the power of change.

1. Yoga retreats allow you to create healthy habits

It can be difficult to make a sincere change when you’re stuck in the same place you’ve been in for years and years. The same fears creep in, your comfort zone keeps you nice and cozy, and even if you’re successful for some time, it’s easy to be swamped by day-to-day pressures of life.

A retreat purposefully takes place in an unfamiliar environment, and this stimulates creativity, open-mindedness, and confidence within yourself.

You can shock your mind out of its default ways of thinking by traveling somewhere new, so that when you introduce a new habit it really sticks.

2. Find new perspective while experiencing something new

New experiences expand your mind to think about what’s really possible. When you don’t escape your normal mode of thought often enough, you can forget how limitless the world really is. Going to a retreat in an exotic and beautiful place, such as the one we offer in Tulum, may be the best way to cultivate this hope and sense of childlike wonder back into your heart. When you discover a new culture, your heart opens in unimaginable ways making it one of the best reasons to go on yoga retreat.

3. Our teachers help you discover a safe space to heal and grow

Under the tutelage of highly qualified and compassionate teachers, our retreats allow you to truly let go of what ails you in your daily life and gives you permission to move on. Our normal environments have the propensity to conjure up feelings of fear and inadequacy; retreats provide a safe space to explore what you’re afraid of, while teachers show you the way to overcome them with courage. 

Growth is a painful process, and requires enormous sacrifice. Letting go of your old belief systems can sometimes feel like a grueling feat. Guides help you do so with ease.

4. Connect with what’s important; including nature

When we go on yoga retreats, we usually immerse ourselves in a gorgeous, natural setting. Humans thrive in nature; it’s where we’re from, and it’s where we will eventually return. Nature reminds us that the only true constant in life is change, and brings about an immense sense of inner peace and tranquility. Its beauty is a healing reminder that everything is perfect just as it is. Picture a serene sunset over a golden coast as a deep sense of love radiates from your heart and ebbs and flows with the tides – our Hawaii retreat offers beautiful moments such as these.

5. Disconnect from the false worlds you have become absorbed in

Furthermore, being surrounded by nature helps us escape from the unnecessary busy-ness of life and our dependence on technology, which has only been shown to increase levels of anxiety and depression. Between social media and the overload of information we find on the internet, our minds can get mixed up and lost in the chaos. Disconnecting from technology occasionally is crucial.

Meeting a community of people who think like you does wonders for the heart and soul.

6. Strengthen your practice with a like-minded tribe

Growth can seem lonely. In the midst of all of this self-evaluation and shedding all of your undesirable habits, it’s easy to start feeling misunderstood by friends and family. Not everybody can come along with you on your growth journey, and some won’t understand what you’re going through. That’s why communities are so, so important. When you’re surrounded by people who want the same things, it feels safer to explore your yoga practice, really challenging yourself to learn and push yourself further. And of course, having a few folks to talk to at the end of the day who understand the ups and downs of practice certainly doesn’t hurt either.

7. Experience healing

How often do you take time to stop and identify what ails you? Retreats allow you to pause and take a look at what exactly it is you need to change. Our culture doesn’t often give us permission to pay attention to ourselves. One of the best reasons to go on yoga retreat is the only goal; to connect.

8. Calm your overthinking mind

When you forge a connection with yourself and learn to forgive and love who you are, you are also learning to trust. And when we trust ourselves, you learn to let go of your anxious, second-guessing, overthinking thoughts. After all, when you know who your are and what you want, why would you need to run through it over and over again in your head?

9. Discover purpose and take back control of your life

On retreat, every planned activity is timed and executed with purpose. And since none of those activities are in our normal routines, it takes attention and energy to participate. You can take this same sense of intention with you into your daily life, and understand the importance of putting your own health and wellness front and center; even after you’ve returned home from the fairtytale-like environment of a retreat.

10. Practice self love

If you had unlimited money, how likely is it that you’d send somebody you love (like parents, siblings, or best friends) on a retreat of any kind to learn about themselves and relax? Now, assuming that you love yourself – why wouldn’t you do the same?


You don’t have to wait around for someone to spoil you. You deserve to feel inspired, rested, and happy. Your body deserves movement and your mind deserves stimulation, and your heart deserves the clarity. 


Nobody will deliver your self love to you; you must actively pursue it with your own practice and in your actions. Part of this is doing things for yourself, even though some of these acts initially seem extravagant. Remember, this is just what you’ve been taught – it’s not necessarily true.

On our retreats, we put ourselves first. We nourish our bodies and souls. We surround ourselves with positive energy and a loving community. 


When was the last time you prioritized yourself over other people, and gifted yourself with this attention- this time doing something that brings you complete and total peace? Is it time to do so, now? 


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