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5 Unexpected Benefits of a Detox

Benefits of a Detox

What do you picture when you envision a detox? A lithe, beautiful young woman grinning while sipping a forest green smoothie from a straw? Bountiful steamed vegetables and quinoa on a plate where a greasy burger used to be? These images certainly aren’t wrong, but they also don’t communicate the whole picture. There are many unexpected benefits of a detox. While it’s true that leafy green vegetables, fruits and nutrient dense supplements are pertinent parts of a detox, food is only one component of what a detox truly does for you.

Consider what clean food does for your body. It flushes out toxins, rids your digestive system of any “stuck” matter, and makes it easier for you to function. This results in shinier hair, healthier skin, clearer thinking, and increased energy. Why? Because you’ve essentially removed any obstacles your body must overcome and conquer in order to return to its natural, beautiful state.

Our emotions, thoughts, habits, and behaviors are the same. Negative self talk, unhealthy habits and self sabotage can wreak havoc on our lives. But by detoxing our minds, hearts, and circumstances, we can really clear the way for change within ourselves. From finding mental clarity to cultivating healthier relationships, here are six unexpected benefits of a detox that revolutionize your wellbeing.

1. Release Thoughts and Emotions that no Longer Serve You

Just like sugar and excessive fat, we are constantly expressing and taking in thoughts and emotions that only damage us. They’re usually subconscious, brought on by deeply ingrained beliefs instilled in us from our childhood and adolescence. Worse and moreover, they can be difficult to identify.

But in the clarity of a detox, we can take the time to self analyze what subconscious thoughts are causing us pain, fear, and doubt. Ask yourself these questions in order to identify toxic emotions, and rid yourself of them:

● Am I constantly comparing my physical appearance and professional progress with people online, or people I know?

● Do I believe that I am loved by my partner, family, and friends? Or do I secretly doubt it?

Am I saying nice things to myself, or is my self talk negative and critical?

● Am I setting challenging, positive goals for myself, or am I selling myself and my talents short? Be aware and careful of these thoughts, as they can be more destructive than “bad” food. We need to let go of and move on from what we can in order to detox our thoughts and emotions.

2. Create a More Organized Home and Physical Environment

It’s time to clear out the closets, junk drawers, and under the bed. The hidden clutter in our physical environment can actually contribute to the mental clutter in your mind. It symbolizes the objects we have been unable to let go of, the problems we have yet to approach and the hidden conflicts inside ourselves we continue to ignore.

When we detox our bodies, we should also be addressing the components in our environment that need purging as well. We need to get underneath that bathroom sink, into that stack of mail or the junk shoved in the guest bedroom and start throwing away what we don’t need. We can even organize the files on our computer, get rid of the social media we don’t use and delete old files off of our phone.

We’ll feel physically lighter when it’s all over, just like we do when we detox our bodies.

3. Cultivate Healthier Relationships

Are our relationships helping us grow or holding us back? Social connections are a huge part of our lives, so it’s important to take a step back from them to occasionally evaluate their merit. Though we have a capacity to love deeply, it’s not always the best thing for us. Everyone is on their own separate journey. After all, and we can’t expect them to be as diligent as we are when it comes to growth. Sometimes people are unknowingly hurting us, or stunting our growth.

It’s important to create boundaries with these folks, or even say goodbye to them. It’s not always easy, but when people become burdens on our lives, it’s sometimes necessary. To determine if somebody is lifting us up or bringing us down, we can ask ourselves these questions:

  • Does this person have my best interests in mind, or are they more interested in serving themselves with what I have to offer?
  • Do I feel energized or drained after spending time with this person?
  • Is there a balance in our relationship with give and take?
  • Would this person sacrifice their comfort for my success, or are they “fair-weather” friends?

4. Discover Rituals that Support Nourishing Wellness Routines

Though a detox can feel like a temporary endeavor, one of the benefits of a detox is that they show us the way towards a consistently pure and nourishing lifestyle. Another of the benefits of a detox is that the habits we learn have the potential of sticking with us in small or large ways. If we only choose to stay with them. Learning to connect with our food, our minds and our bodies is a valuable lesson that not everybody has the opportunity to participate in. When we eat clean, drink plenty of water, exercise and meditate, we experience first hand the benefits of caring for ourselves. And, hopefully, we can carry these behaviors with us into our daily lives when it’s over.

5. Find Total Clarity in Your Emotions and Mindset

As always, experiencing new things is the best way to open your mind to fresh ways of thinking. Detoxes are no exception. When we clear away the mess of everything that’s making life unclear; everything that’s bothering us, everything that’s bringing us down, everything making us feel fearful and doubtful, there is clarity underneath. We are truly perfect beneath it all. We just need to clear the clutter- the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter – in order to experience it. If you’re ready to gain complete clarity for your mind, body, and spirit – if you’re ready to feel re-energized, joyful, and inspired to your very core – register for our 21 day guided detox here.

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